While the world was stressing about the coming of Y2K, all I knew was that God had told me to move to the opposite side of the globe. With no clue what was ahead of me & no ability to speak the language, all I had was God. 

That global move forced me to abandon every boat I had ever built from the foundations of others' faith and begin to build my own. 
And then when I thought my faith was good and strong and the boat was secure and safe, Jesus asked me to step out and join Him in the waves.

21 years later & now is the time to share what it means to be a WATERWALKER with the world.

Many years ago I probably would have said waterwalking level faith was tied to results and the evidence of an outcome. But what I have learned is that the life of a WATERWALKER can be summed up best as:

Faith, not in the outcome that everything will work itself out. But rather, faith in the One who created the waters for me to walk on... no matter the outcome.
Amber Ginnelle
A Waterwalker & Founder of The Waterwalker Co.
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